he_email_versionWith the Email Version of Healthy Exchange, your customized, html email arrives directly in the email inbox of employees. The beauty of the Email Version is that employees receive Healthy Exchange on a consistent basis in their email inbox with the positive and powerful message that it communicates, “If you have a problem, it is solvable, and your EAP is here to help you.”

The masthead and footer are customized with your company logo and information and the articles link to a companion Online Version which we build and maintain for you (see here for Online Version details). Another great feature of the Online Version is that it can include additional pages with information that you want to communicate to employees (example).


Pricing is based on the number of employees covered by the EAP.  The pricing below is per quarterly issue:

Up to 5,000 employees………… $ 395 per quarterly issue
5,001 to 10,000 employees….. $ 575 per quarterly issue
10,000 and up……………………….. Call for pricing

Additional Information

SET UP FEE: There is a one-time fee of $250 to set up your custom Email Version and companion Online Version (first issue only)

PUBLICATION DATES: Your customized Email Version is planned to distribute on the following dates:
Winter issue – January 15th
Spring issue – April 15th
Summer issue – July 15th
Fall issue – October 15th

To Begin Publishing

To begin publishing your customized Email Version of Healthy Exchange – or for additional information – contact Eric Jenican, Publisher, at (949) 360-1508 or email: e.jenican@healthy-exchange.com

Healthy Exchange is the best newsletter available for you to customize with your Employee Assistance Program information and promote your EAP services to employees.  Proudly published for EAPs since 1997.