Publisher Eric Jenican has been publishing Healthy Exchange for EAPs since 1997.  Email, printed, online and PDF versions of Healthy Exchange are published quarterly.

In 2010, we introduced NEWS YOU CAN USE, a brief, monthly email promotion published for EAPs and wellness programs.  NEWS YOU CAN USE is a positive, professional and low-cost way to promote EAP and wellness program services to employees.

Additionally, we provide brief articles and content on behavioral health and wellness topics for your re-print use.

At the core of all Healthy Exchange Publishing Services products is our desire to produce mental health and wellness information that truly helps people live healthier, happier and more effectively.  The main goal behind every article is to present the information in a way that is interesting, usable and encourages those who need help to seek professional assistance.  By doing so, we know that the customized communications we produce for your company will drive the utilization of your services and enhance your program in the eyes of your clients and employees.

Always, our aim is to provide you with the customized printed or electronic communications that you need.  We enjoy listening to any special needs you may have and accommodating your needs whenever possible.

For remarks from our long-time clients regarding how effective we are at achieving the above, click here.