Here’s what our clients have to say about Healthy Exchange Publishing Services. If you’d also like to receive client references, please contact us.

“Our EAP has partnered with Healthy Exchange to provide our client companies with the Healthy Exchange newsletter since 1997.  Eric Jenican provides an excellent service – prompt with delivery and deadlines, flexible with special requests and reliably offers a first-class newsletter for our clients.  Healthy Exchange has positively impacted our utilization and we frequently hear from our clients that they strongly appreciate the content.”
– Chris Drake, Director, Employee Assistance Network / Metropolitan Family Services
– Healthy Exchange client since 1997

“We are an EAP vendor that has used quarterly newsletters and monthly articles produced by Healthy Exchange since 1999.  We have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the writing, timeliness and the responsiveness of Healthy Exchange.  We highly recommend Healthy Exchange to any organization seeking EAP related promotional materials.”
– Sandy Rosenberg, Director, EAP Consultants
– Healthy Exchange client since 1999

“Healthy Exchange provides varied, comprehensive and substantive content in a warm and easy-to-read style, thereby increasing the utilization of our EAP services.  This helps us communicate to our client companies that we are truly committed to increasing utilization.  We also appreciate the format, allowing us to offer both hard copies as well as an online link.”
– Linda Foye, President, Workplace Solutions
– Healthy Exchange client since 2007

“I’m writing to thank you for the excellent service you have provided me, our program and our customers since 2002.  As the director of an EAP, I am continually looking for ways to increase our visibility and enhance awareness of the program.  The Healthy Exchange newsletter is certainly one of the most influential tools we have in our portfolio of promotional items.  We routinely receive feedback from our clients that the articles address relevant issues and are easy to read and informative, without sounding overly clinical.  It continues to impress me that they seem to trigger referrals from employees with a wide range of educational and employment backgrounds.  Publishing both paper and electronic versions also contribute to its’ universal appeal.  In these tough economic times we are constantly under the gun to trim costs for any “unessential” materials or services.  I definitely consider the Healthy Exchange a high quality and high value product that remains important to the success of our program.”
– Mark Cimeley, EAP Director, Franciscan Skemp Health Solutions
– Healthy Exchange client since 2002

“Inova Employee Assistance has been utilizing Healthy Exchange as an EAP promotional tool since 1997.  Our customers have consistently provided us with positive feedback on the content.  In addition, Healthy Exchange is consistently highly rated by customers in our annual customer satisfaction survey.  Eric Jenican has been easy to work with and consistently ensures that our content is both interesting and accurate.  Eric has proven to be flexible to ensure that he meets the needs of our different customer bases.
– Joe Roche, Director, Inova Employee Assistance
– Healthy Exchange client since 1997

“We have a larger client, a very difficult client, who wants to review everything before it goes to employees.  The other day the HR director commented, ‘I just want you to know that we think your newsletter is really good.  It has good topics, the content is useful but it’s not too heavy.  Our employees really look forward to receiving it’.”
– Michelle Wood, Account Executive, Employee Assistance Center
– Healthy Exchange client since 1999

“We have been publishing Healthy Exchange since 1999 and appreciate this positive, professional and cost-effective way to communicate our EAP services to employees.  We’ve been able to rely on Healthy Exchange to publish and ship our newsletter direct to our clients, allowing us to focus on other areas of our business.  Through all of these years we have nothing but positive things to say about the quality of the content of Healthy Exchange and their responsiveness to our needs…especially their flexibility to accommodate our client requirements.  I highly recommend Healthy Exchange and publisher Eric Jenican to any business seeking customized communications to promote their business services.
– Anthony Riccio, Director/owner, Quantum Health Solutions
– Healthy Exchange client since 1999

“Thank you for always providing us with such a solid newsletter.  I’m continually amazed that you can continue to write a newsletter that never feels redundant, but stays refreshing and current.”
– Kate Davis, Director, Learning and Development, Montgomery General Hospital
– Healthy Exchange client since 2004

“I just wanted to let you know that we continue to get positive feedback from the Healthy Exchange newsletters.  Our HR contacts repeatedly make comments and our clients often refer to an article they read in the newsletter when asked why they made an appointment.  Several of our companies are also very pleased with the online version”
– Maggie Young, Director, Southwest EAP
– Healthy Exchange client since 1997

“We have been working with Healthy Exchange since 1997.  My customers, who represent a wide range of businesses, report value in reading the articles and find the topics relevant, well written and easy to understand.  All production and distribution is handled by Healthy Exchange, which has made for a smooth and timely publishing process.  I have truly appreciated the partnership.”
– Barbara Fotsch, EAP Manager, St. John’s Mercy EAP
– Healthy Exchange client since 1997

“…You always go above and beyond for us.  Per our customers, the Healthy Exchange really hits home for them and more and more of our customers comment on how helpful it is to them and their employees.”
– Annette McNaul, Director, Drug and Alcohol Testing, TMHC Services
– Healthy Exchange client since 2000

“The feedback we are receiving for Healthy Exchange is very positive.”
– James Platt, Director Faculty/Employee Assistance Program, Dartmouth College
– Healthy Exchange client since 1997

“Employees really like Healthy Exchange.  Last night at around 8:30 p.m., I had an employee self-refer for drinking and gambling after reading Healthy Exchange.  Self-referrals for drinking and gambling hardly ever happen.  I get great feedback on Healthy Exchange from employers and employees.”
– Pam Alymer, EAP Director, Working Resources

“We think the newsletter is great.  We’re always hearing good things about it.  Our clients love it.”
– Patricia Vanderpool, Director/owner, EAP Lifestyle Management
– Healthy Exchange client since 2003

“I have been meaning to contact you and compliment you on the content of the newsletters we receive from you.  As a clinician and growing human, I find them to be very useful and informative.  I think they are a great part of our program.”
– Liz Bonet, LCSW, CEAP, Account Executive, EAP Consultants
– Healthy Exchange client since 1999