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Local: 1-908-497-3954
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Winter 2020 Edition

For Your Information


The best time to talk with your partner about serious issues is not when he or she has just arrived home after a long day at work or is preoccupied with concerns of his or her own. Gauge your partners receptivity to talking before you begin a difficult conversation. If the timing is off, ask your partner if you can set aside a specific time to speak within the next few days. A conversation is likely to go much better when both parties are ready to have it.


Use alcohol in moderation only and not before bedtime. Do not use alcohol to induce sleep. A nightcap can lull you to sleep, but alcohol typically produces light, unsettled sleep. Additionally, using alcohol to fall asleep could lead to dependency.


1. Make a list. Prioritize it and check things off as you get them done.
2. Review your list from time to time. Is everything on that list necessary?
3. Ask yourself, “what’s the best use of my time right now.” Then do it.


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