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Winter 2024 Edition

For Your Information


Upon arriving home from work, follow these suggestions to help you transition into your home or family life:

  • Change your clothes. Let this be a symbol that you are in “home mode.”
  • Take a break. Don’t try to accomplish anything during the first fifteen minutes.
  • Remind yourself to “change roles.” Avoid speaking to your spouse or children as if they were your boss or co-workers.


1. Plan your most difficult tasks for the time during the day when your energy is at its peak.
2. Be willing to sacrifice “perfection” to get things done.
3. Learn to say “no” to demands that don’t benefit you.
4. Arrange your work time to keep interruptions to a minimum


Bring work-related problems to your boss in person and in private. Don’t challenge him/her openly, in front of co-workers or other management. If you disagree with a new procedure or rule, go to them with alternatives and solutions, not recriminations or a bad attitude.


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