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Summer 2019 Edition

For Your Information


1. Set reasonable standards for yourself and others. Don’t expect perfection.

2. Plan your work. Tension builds when your work seems endless. Plan your work to use time and energy most efficiently.

3. Take a break. A change of pace, no matter how short, can give you a new outlook on an old problem.


Count your blessings. One way to feel happier is to recognize good things when they happen. If you have trouble counting your blessings, try keeping a gratitude journal. Write down three to five things you’re grateful for once a week. Several studies show that people who record what they appreciate experience greater happiness and less anxiety.


Practice deep breathing. If you feel yourself getting angry, don’t let it build up until you have a violent outburst. Try breathing deeply from your diaphragm in long, slow breaths, giving your heartbeat a chance to slow down. Repeat a word such as “relax” or “calm” as you breathe. Breathing deeply will ease your tension.


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