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Summer 2019 Edition

How To Keep Romantic Feelings Alive


Contrary to widely held beliefs, romance does not have to fizzle out in long-term relationships, according to a study in the journal, Review of General Psychology. The researchers studied 6,070 individuals in short- and long-term relationships and concluded that romantic love can last a lifetime and lead to happier, healthier relationships.

6 Things Happy Couples Do

How do happy couples keep their romantic feelings alive? Like most good things in life, it requires desire and effort. The following tips can help you and your partner work together to maintain or rekindle your romantic edge:

1. Communicate. Communication is the key to staying connected. It is important that you and your partner communicate your thoughts, plans, ideas and opinions on a consistent basis. Equally important is communicating your feelings – the joys, sorrows or frustrations we all experience.

2. Fight fair. Conflicts and disagreements are inevitable. Learn how to solve problems without attacking, blaming or put-downs. It’s hard to maintain romantic feelings if you are constantly putting each other down. Happy couples know how to focus on the issue at hand, rather than throwing destructive, verbal punches.

3. Spend time together. With work, children and other responsibilities, it’s easy for your relationship to get pushed aside. Taking the initiative to schedule time for just you and your partner is an important way to keep intimacy alive and well. Find shared activities you both enjoy.

4. Do nice things for each other. In successful relationships, both partners find small ways to make loving gestures on a regular basis.

5. Look for and affirm the good. Often what we focus on we get more of. If your main focus is what you do not like about your partner, that is what you will see and notice. Change your viewpoint and change your relationship. Look for the positive things you like, express appreciation and it will make a difference.

6. Speak your partners “love language.” Sharing affection keeps relationships healthy. We all have different ways of expressing love. It may be spending quality time together, doing acts of service, sexual expression or touch. If your love language is different from your partner’s, learn what his/her language is and speak it. This will leave you both feeling more loved and add to your closeness.

Your EAP is here to help

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