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Winter 2023 Edition

For Your Information


Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals to maintain or lose weight almost always leads to overeating. The biological wisdom of your body prompts you to eat more whenever you restrict your caloric intake. When you skip a meal you actually set off a series of physiological changes in the body which intensify your preoccupation with food and your urge to eat. Most people mistakenly believe that when they later give in to this powerful urge to eat – and subsequently overeat – that it is because of a lack of will power. Actually, it is the body’s own physiology which has urged them to make up for the caloric deprivation.


Do you or one of your family members have an alcohol or drug problem?

1. Each time you drink or use drugs, does it take more and more to get drunk or high?
2. Do you find yourself using alcohol or drugs to reduce anxiety?
3. Do you ever lose control over alcohol or drug use?
4. Do you ever drink or use drugs first thing in the morning to steady your nerves?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you may have a problem with alcohol or drug addiction. If you need help, you can contact your EAP for confidential counseling, referrals or information.


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