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Fall 2023 Edition

Balancing Work and Family

Put Family First

According to a study reported in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, couples who are successful at balancing work and family maintain a commitment to family as their highest priority. Through their planning and actions, both members of the couple work hard to maintain family as their highest priority in making decisions about their behavior in daily life. To do this, couples proactively create opportunities for family time, which often involve family rituals, routines, and special family time, such as “pizza night” every Friday, attending soccer games, and bedtime stories. Below are more suggestions on how to create special times for family:

Tips for creating and enjoying special family time

1. Eat together regularly. Meals are opportunities for communication and unity. Turn off the television or other electronic devices and give your family your full attention. You will help your family get the most out this time by actively listening to your children and praising and encouraging each other. Active listening instills trust and self-worth in children.

2. Plan family outings. Go on family hikes, drives and picnics. Go to a park or watch a high school or youth sporting event. Go to local concerts, movies, the zoo or museums. Visit family and friends together. Let children plan some trips to encourage their involvement.

3. Play games together. Turn off the television and video games at least once a week and play games one-on-one, or as a family. Play outside if weather permits.

4. Share hobbies and interests. Activities like cooking, collecting, crafts, fishing or biking open the door to greater involvement and family time. Hobbies are a great way to spend more time with teens and to create opportunities to listen and talk with them. Spending hobby time with children encourages learning and skill development.

5. Other ideas:

  • Family movie night
  • Walking the dogs after dinner
  • Reading aloud at bedtime
  • Taking a family picture for the holidays
  • Going to church every Sunday

Your EAP is here to help

Remember, your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help you with any type of personal, family or work-related concern. If you are concerned about a particularly difficult family or parenting issue, or need help improving your work/life balance, your EAP can help you. All EAP services are FREE and strictly CONFIDENTIAL. Why not call a professional EAP Professional today? We’re here to help.


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