New Avenues Employee Assistance Program

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New Avenues EAP is Here to Help

The New Avenues EAP offers free counseling sessions, paid for by your employer, and made available to you and your immediate family members. Counselors are located close to your home or work - to help you deal with family or work/life issues that might be causing your life to feel out of balance. Call New Avenues EAP now for information and free, confidential assistance. Toll free: 800-731-6501 or


More About Your EAP Services

Questions Frequently Asked By Employees

What is an EAP? 

Your New Avenues Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free, short-term counseling benefit paid for by your employer. This benefit covers both you and your immediate family members. 

Who can use the EAP? 

You can, as an employee, and your immediate family members. Give us a call at 1-800-731-6501 or Relay Indiana dial 711 for hearing impaired if you have any questions about coverage. 

When should I use the EAP? 

Everyone faces challenges at work or at home where they feel they could use some help. Maybe you have a problem with a co-worker that you just can't work out. Or maybe you are having family or marital problems. Perhaps there's a child who is having problems at school and you can't stop thinking about it. And maybe all the ways you usually handle your problems don't seem to work anymore. 

All the normal problems of everyday life (and even the ones that seem not-so-normal) can occasionally throw you off balance, and this is exactly what your EAP is there for. If you think you need help, do not hesitate to call. 

What does the EAP cost? 

The EAP sessions are paid for by your employer, so there are no claims or co-payments for you to make. It is a benefit that is free to you. 

How do I schedule a first appointment? 

To begin EAP services, just give us a toll-free call at 1-800-731-6501 or Relay Indiana dial 711 for hearing impaired.  Our Intake Specialists will gather some initial information from you, and we will carefully match you or your family member to a counselor who is experienced with your particular issues.  The counselor will call you to schedule the first appointment. 

Can I schedule an appointment in the early morning, evenings or on weekends? 

Frequently this is possible and New Avenues works hard to accommodate your scheduling needs. When you first call New Avenues, be sure to tell the Intake Specialist of your particular time needs. 

Where do I go for my counseling sessions? 

New Avenues has contracted with highly qualified professional counselors at locations close to your work or home. You may meet with them in their private office.

Who will I see? - New Avenues contracts with providers who are licensed psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists and certified addiction specialists.  New Avenues has an established Credentialing Department and Credentialing Committee that is crucial in ensuring that highly qualified, competent providers are available to you.

Will my employer know I have called? 

All the information you give us is confidential. Your name or situation is not disclosed to your employer unless you sign a release of information giving us permission to do so. The employer only receives statistical information on the utilization of the service.

How many visits do I get? 

The number of visits varies with the type of contract your employer has with New Avenues. Our Intake Specialist can help you with this when you call. Over the years, we have found that the vast majority of employees' needs have been resolved within the EAP sessions. 

What can I expect during an EAP counseling session? 

On your first visit, you'll be asked to complete some paperwork. The counselor will then meet you and invite you into his or her office where they will immediately begin to help you resolve your problem. Our goal is to help you identify the solutions you need to have a positive result. 

What if I run out of visits and my problem is still not solved? 

You can often continue sessions with your same counselor using the behavioral health benefits of your insurance. If this happens, your counselor will help coordinate this transition.


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