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teen drug use increases during summer months


National statistics show that during the summer, more than 5,800 teens will smoke marijuana for the first time each day. According to results of the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, nearly 40 percent of all youngsters aged 12 to 17 who said they used marijuana said they had their first experimentation during the four-month period between May and August. The peak months of first experimentation with illegal drugs are June and July.

Statistics show that youthful experimentation with drugs, tobacco and alcohol is most likely to occur during an unsupervised time when teens are alone or with their peers. Drug prevention experts recommend that parents be aware of these statistics so that they can find ways to keep their teens busy and active during the summer months.

Prevention Strategies

  1. Keep your children involved in summer activities
  2. Know where your children are
  3. Know who your children are with
  4. Make drug use unacceptable and say it won't be tolerated
  5. Talk to your children about drugs and alcohol

Teen Drug Use Statistics

Average age of first use:

Signs Of Teen Substance Abuse

NOTE: Many of the signs above, such as sudden changes in mood, decline in school performance or depression, may be explained by other causes. When in doubt, get help. See your family doctor to rule out illness or other physical problems.

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