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COVID-19: Signs of Too Much Stress

COVID-19: Signs of Too Much StressAre you feeling overwhelmed by stress in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the numerous related issues? Review the symptom checklist below of the signs of too much stress. If your stress is negatively impacting your relationships or health, or significantly interfering with your daily functioning, consider learning more effective ways to manage stress.


  • tiredness, exhaustion
  • change in appetite
  • change in sleep or waking patterns
  • chest pain, rapid heartbeat, heart palpitations
  • headaches, dizziness
  • upset stomach, including diarrhea, constipation and nausea
  • trembling, shaking, cold hands or feet
  • muscle tension in neck, face or shoulders
  • body aches and pains or muscle stiffness not caused by exercise
  • male impotence


  • lack of concentration
  • memory loss
  • confusion or indecisiveness
  • poor decision making
  • mind racing or going blank
  • being pessimistic or seeing only the negative side


  • inability to control anger
  • worry, anxiety, nervousness or fear
  • irritability, impatience, aggression, frustration
  • depression
  • extreme mood swings
  • loss of sexual desire


  • increased use of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, drugs
  • increased eating
  • crying, yelling or swearing
  • blaming, throwing things or hitting
  • pacing, fidgeting, nervous habits (nail biting, foot tapping)

Getting Help

If you or a family member feels overwhelmed by stress, contact your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for CONFIDENTIAL counseling, referrals or information. We’re here to help.

  Employee Assistance Services  

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