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Winter 2019 Edition

For Your Information


Block out time in your daily schedule to take a break. A Harvard Medical School study says as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day of private time can cut down on stress, headaches, colds, poor sleep and increase your productivity.


For better communication, do not be invested in having to be right all of the time. Being right is not the point. If you must be right, you are not able to listen nor communicate because you have set up a barrier already. If you are always right that means the other person is always wrong. This cannot be true.


Don’t rely on exercise alone to lose weight; combine exercise and diet. According to a review of 43 weight-loss studies dating back to 1995, exercise alone won’t help you lose weight if you continue eating an unhealthy diet. The review concluded that a healthy diet actually does more to promote weight loss than exercise. Exercise, however, is a key factor in keeping weight off once it is lost.


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