Welcome to Healthy Exchange ...your quarterly online newsletter from Sapphire Resource Connection, your Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Each issue provides information to help you better deal with personal, family or work-related concerns.

Your EAP is Here to Help

If you’re faced with a problem that seems hard to solve on your own, your EAP can help you with free, confidential counseling, information or referrals. Your EAP is a DIRECT ACCESS MODEL so you can call an approved EAP counselor of your choice to schedule an appointment. To obtain phone listings for your EAP counselors, visit www.sr-connection.com or contact your Human Resource Department. For more information call (406) 523-7707 or toll-free: 1-866-767-9511.


Workplace Services

Workplace Services provides professional guidance, when it counts, and aid for managing today's challenging and increasingly fast-paced organizations and job sites. The scope of everyday issues confronting employers, managers and executives has grown exponentially over time. In direct response, Sapphire Resource Connection's EAP consultants bring to bear an extensive background in organizational psychology, counseling, business and human resources. The services enumerated below may be accessed through your EAP program manager

Management Consultation

Immediate and unlimited management consultation is a key workplace service available to all Sapphire Resource Connection EAP accounts. Confidential management consultation provides supervisors with professional guidance on ways to address and successfully resolve difficult workplace situations such as poor performance, threats of violence in the workplace and interpersonal or interdepartmental conflict

Trauma Response Services

Stressful events, such as the death of an employee or natural disasters are just the types of events that can create a signicant disruption in the workplace. Sapphire Resource Connection assists in the provision of prompt, local and ongoing support for addressing critical incidents in the workplace

Workplace Training & Organizational Development

Sapphire Resource Connection offers one-stop access to our training and coaching services. Professional training and development workshops offer a broad range of topics impacting productivity in today's workplace. Each module can be customized to specific audiences including imployee, supervisor/managers or other leaders in your organizationt. Workplace Training and Organizational Development includes:

  • Executive, Manager and Employee Skill Building
  • Team Building
  • Policy Review & Consultation
  • Employee/Departmental Meeting Facilitation

Department of Transportation (DOT) and Substance Abuse Program (SAP) Referrals/ Assessments

SRC provides timely and efficient coordination of both DOT and NON-DOT SAP referrals. Our customers may access our highly experienced and qualified SAPs (Substance Abuse Professionals) who provide comprehensive evaluations, detailed written recommendations for treatment, as well as coordination of compliance monitoring activities


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