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Winter 2017 Edition

For Your Information


Encourage family activities. Spending time together as a family helps foster the parent/child relationship and helps children feel more safe and accepted, which helps them develop into strong, confident and independent individuals. Suggestions: Plan a picnic, movie night, family dinner, game night or vacation.


If you find that you and your partner are going around and around on the same problem without a solution – rather than opposing each other – make a commitment to each other to be on the same team. When you work together to problem solve and be on the same team to determine an acceptable compromise, you have a real chance of finding a solution that is acceptable to both of you.


Burn patients who have a positive attitude recover more quickly and completely than patients who do not. The patient’s degree of optimism and active involvement in their recovery is a better indicator of how well he/she will recover than is the size or severity of the burn. (From American Medical News)


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